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GTY Membership Packet

The undersigned acknowledges that an online signature will, for all purposes, be treated as an original.

GTY is a movement that builds strong, welcoming, inspired communities through teen-powered engagement. This b’rit serves to ensure that we are able to focus on enacting our shared mission. We will promote the creation of a religious youth community based on mutual respect and a sense of personal responsibility. We will treat others with kavod (honor and respect) in order to facilitate the feeling of shalom bayit (peace in the home) and create a sense of GTY's welcoming community.

Our GTY community feels incomplete without all our members fully present, I will attend and participate fully in the entire event, unless otherwise agreed upon with the GTY Advisor.

I will arrive on time, stay until the end, and remain on the event premises at all times. To maintain shalom bayit within our living space, I will abide by the event curfew announced by the leadership.

As a means of respect and for the well-being of the community and myself, I agree to refrain from inappropriate sexual behavior.

As GTY is a safe and inclusive space for all participants, I will not participate in any activities before, during or after events that could be deemed as hazing, sexually harassing, demeaning, hurtful, or bullying. This includes in-person interactions during regional events, interactions over cell phone and email, and actions in online spaces including Facebook groups, twitter, Instagram, and other forms of social media between events. I also agree not to photograph or make video recordings of anyone without their express permission. If I post or distribute any pictures/media, they will represent GTY, the staff, and other participants in a positive and wholesome manner. Anything I post will represent the Jewish values the Temple Sinai community teaches and upholds.

In order to ensure the well-being of myself and my peers, I understand that no guests are allowed at any event, unless the adult leadership grants permission in advance, and that any unauthorized guests will be asked to leave immediately.

To promote a healthy and safe GTY environment, I will not possess, consume, or distribute alcoholic beverages, other than that served by adult leadership for Jewish sacramental purposes, even if I am of legal drinking age. I will not smoke, consume, or distribute tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, at any time during the event. I will not possess, use, or distribute any illegal drug or drug paraphernalia, including marijuana regardless of the legality in the hosting state. I will not commit any illegal act. I understand that vandalism, disturbing the peace, or other inappropriate behavior as determined by the adult leadership in accordance with the youth leadership will not be tolerated. I understand that I will have to pay for any damage that I cause. I understand that no gambling is allowed, except for fundraisers approved by the adult leadership.

As GTY is a community that I want to keep safe and free of violence, I will not bring or use any weapons, firearms, or anything that may be construed as a weapon.

As GTY is a community of teens that respect and appreciate the adult leadership and each other, I agree to abide by any additional rules, pertinent to a specific event, which may be announced, and to accept the consequences of their violation.

I understand that elements of this brit apply from the time I leave home for the event, during the event itself, and until I return home after the event. Some elements include behaviors and expectations between events. My signature affirms my agreement to the rules and policies of GTY and this B’rit K’hilah

I, the participant, have read (or my parents have read and reviewed with me) the GTY B'rit Kehillah. I understand and agree to follow all rules and policies of Temple Sinai and its youth group, GTY, including all posted signs on the Temple premises.

Your child has the opportunity to participate in GTY events away from Temple premises. If you approve the following arrangement, please sign at the bottom of this section and return to the GTY Advisor.

I understand the nature of the Temple Sinai of Glendale activities in which my son/daughter will be participating and that he/she is expected to abide by the GTY/NFTY B’rit Kehillah/Code of Conduct during the course of the activity. My son/daughter has permission to attend all GTY events during the 2015-2016 school year. I agree not to hold Temple Sinai of Glendale liable for any accident, loss, or theft that may occur during the course of these events. I hereby give permission to the physician selected by Temple Sinai of Glendale to hospitalize and secure necessary treatment or anesthesia for my child, as named above, in the event that I cannot be reached in the case of an emergency. I have indicated any pertinent medical information below. I further agree that, in the event of an accident, illness or any other circumstance requiring medical treatment, such treatment may be procured for my son/daughter without financial obligation to Temple Sinai of Glendale.

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I hereby give permission to my child to participate in all of Temple Sinai of Glendale Youth Group programs, activities, and events and do release Temple Sinai of Glendale and its representatives from all liability arising out of my child’s participation in such activity. I further agree that Temple Sinai of Glendale may use audio and images of any member of my family for promotional and other purposes. In addition, I, the undersigned parent/guardian of the above child, do further certify that my child is physically able to participate in such activity, and hereby authorize Temple Sinai of Glendale and its authorized representatives, as agents for the undersigned, to consent to any X-Ray examination, anesthetic, medical, surgical, or dental diagnosis or treatment, and hospital care which is to be rendered under the general or specific supervision of any licensed physician, dentist, or the staff of a licensed hospital, whether such diagnosis, treatment, or hospital care being required, and is given to provide authority and power on the part of Temple Sinai of Glendale and/or its representatives to give specific consent to any and all such examinations, diagnosis, treatment, or hospital care which the physician/dentist in the exercise of his/her best judgment may deem advisable.

GTY Membership covers both your regional NFTY dues and your local GTY dues.

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